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2009-02-15 09:40:12 by moja567

Will someone work on a collab space game with me?

i have plenty ideas ,and i could learn from our work

Buttons in flash

2009-02-15 04:57:48 by moja567

WHnei make a button and a frame after it it just blinks those 2 frames

and if that doesn't happen it says there is a error in my code i used from countless tutorials

My Stacks!

2009-02-12 00:32:02 by moja567

Hey i made a awesome level in super stacker 2!

My Level Link [Click Here]


2009-02-08 20:30:35 by moja567

Is it ok if i post a song thats not mine ,but give credit to the original author?

I'm A Little Confused

2009-02-07 14:53:24 by moja567

in the downloads section,do the preloaders vary by season? or holiday?